Shoulders of Giants

Publié le 18 Février 2015

By Abdulmajeed K Nunez

Sick and tired of people talking black
Trying to put a brand on black
As if the only representation of black is dreadlocks
Jamaican patwaah and pot
Kwanza, literature, speeches and dance hall, reggae and hip-hop
The region has forty million blacks
When will the discussion start on that?

Tired of people commercializing blackness
Trying to saddle themselves with holiness
Furthering their own self interest
After their failure to infiltrate the UNIA
They’ve resorted to being black for pay
Copying and pasting the UNIA’s constitution
To set up their own institution
Without giving them the proper accreditation
The sit back and watch the demise of Liberty Hall as an institution
Yet they talk black emancipation
Hmm! What a tribulation!

Laying claims to black liberation
Laying claims to black education
In relativity they are living off black people’s aggravation
They show no inclination to Liberty Hall’s restoration
As an educational Institution
Even though that’s where they got their humble beginning from
Instead of preparing the next generation for the transition
They are on self glorification

I am not black for pay
Dr Sadie Vernon paved the way
Supporting Vivian Sea and Nurse Cleopatra white in their heyday
Bev and Andy were ambassadors
Phillip Goldson was our Mandela, a voice in the wilderness for years
TV Ramos and Samuel Haynes were forerunners
Embracing their roles as transitional leaders
Chiste and Bert were brothers helping to lift up Lynam’s shutters
Garvey and Chutyer were pioneers
Living the history for our future endeavours
I have no choice but to honour these benefactors

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